Friday, February 6, 2015

Pfuckin Rock Show

On the north side of Austin, in a tiny little hamlet called Pflugerville, is a tavern called Hanovers Draught Haus (

Located on a corner, Hanovers is quite deceiving. As you walk in the front door there is a large, long bar immediately to your right. To your left is a lounge type area, beyond that (continuing on the left wall) is the stage. Farther back is an area with pool tables, bathrooms, and an exit the outside back area. This area is home to a large deck, an outside bar, picnic tables, and a really nice yard area with sand volleyball courts.

For me all of the action was inside tonite. It was a birthday celebration wrapped in 3  performances.

January May ( is new to Austin. Another band that we should be proud that chose Austin as its adopted home. Very pop-ish rock in a 3 piece outfit. I actually heard their current disc before seeing the performance. This was one of those super amazing instances when the live band is amazing way beyond what you heard on the disc.

Playing before an exceptionally large crowd at Hanovers, it was great to see a new band that was so good, getting the exposure to the family, friends, and fans of the 2 upcoming bands. Their live performance was electrifying and stunning. The dual vocals between the male and female leads was perfect. January May pulled out all the stops for a local gig, that would give a member of the audience the idea they wouldn't be hanging around Austin very long. With the several new fans they created with their live performance, things are looking very bright for January May!

Next up was White Label Analog ( The whole birthday party theme this evening was for the lead singer and guitar player. A little more rock for this performance than the previous band. White Label Analog came out of the gate with all cylinders firing. This was definitely the power performance that brought everyone to their feet, and dragged those from outside, in.

White Label Analog had that polished rock sound that easily makes you a fan. It was apparent from the crowd....there were a lot of fans in the house. I am not sure how long they were on stage, but the energy in this performance pretty much made the clocks stop!

And then the guns came out...Three33 ( With a little stage dressing, you knew something big was about to happen. Three33 was just a power performance from front to back. The crowd knew it and pretty much everyone on their feet pushed forward, right to the edge of the stage.

Three33 had that awesomely bad ass, rock star arrogance, when they hit the stage and it was PERFECT. This kind of kick ass rock n roll just can't be performed in any other way than balls out! The crowd felt it and wouldn't stop. The band felt it and kept dishing it. All the way until the very last song and very last note, a great live performance that wouldn't stop.

3 tremendous bands, 3 great performances. Take your turn, make a list, and enjoy some live local music that won't let you down.


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